Peacoc Project

European project for the recovery of precious metals from end-of-life products.

Peacoc project presentation 

The PEACOC project is a European project carried out within the European Horizon 2020 program. The consortium brings together 19 partners from all over Europe and 6TMIC is the only French partner to take part in the project. PEACOC started in May 2021 and ends in April 2025.

The objective of the project is to recover particles of precious metals (platinoids, gold, silver) from end-of-life products in order to recycle them and thus promote the circular economy. This project is part of the ambitious program of the European Commission to become independent of critical raw materials by promoting “Urban Mining”.

The project challenge

The challenge is threefold:


  • Drastically reduce the risk of sourcing critical raw materials for European industry;
  • Allow business opportunities for SMEs aimed at recycling end-of-life products using precious metals;
  • Consolidate the position of major industries
    (recycling companies, refineries, automobile, metallurgy) in the European Union.

The role of 6TMIC in the Peacoc project

Our expertise will be used for:

  • Model and participate in the construction of an electrochemical gas diffusion precipitation process (GDEX) patented by the partner VITO
  • Build a pre-industrial demonstrator integrating the microwave-assisted leaching process, developed by the partner CEINNMAT, and the GDEX process;
  • Assist in the conduct of tests on the pilot in real conditions at the Greek partner Monolithos;
  • Analyze the health, economic and environmental risks associated with the process and establish the associated procedures to minimize the risks;
  • Participate in the dissemination plan.

Skills required for the project

Electrochemical engineering


Materials engineering


Process optimization

Assembly of a pilot scale demonstrator