New process for the efficient capture of CO2 by an innovative adsorbent based on the modification of carbon nanotubes and organometallic complexes.

Project presentation 

The CARMOF project is a collaborative European project funded by Europe (H2020) which brings together 15 European partners. This project started in 2018 and will end in 2022. It is part of the Paris Agreement (COP 21), which aims to reduce CO2 emissions to limit global warming. The objective of the project is to develop new materials and a new industrial process to capture CO2 at the output of factories (cement, petrochemical, energy).

Challenge of the project

The challenge of the project is multiple:

  • Design a monolith of CO2 absorption from carbon and organometallic nanotubes at a cost of less than 40 € / kg;
  • Develop an industrial 3D printing process for the manufacture of monoliths;
  • Build demonstration pilots in industrial environments (petrochemical industry and cement works) capable of capturing CO2 at a cost of 40-60 € / t

The role of 6TMIC in the CARMOF project

The skills of 6TMIC used in this project are based on its expertise in process engineering.

Necessary skills for the project

Understanding of CO2 adsorption / desorption phenomena in monoliths of carbon and organometallic nanotubes;

Modeling of these phenomena and simulaltion of material transfers;


Process optimization;

Produce laboratory and industrial scale demonstrators and develop a dedicated automation system.